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Celebrating Achievements

Inspiring a passion for learning in children is a core part of our work in school and we strive to promote this in every child.  

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”  Colossians 3:22.

DSC01792.JPGThe children use the “Golden 5” as a benchmark to shape their time in school and are rewarded and recognised for following these. 

  • We are kind
  • We listen
  • We work hard and  do our best
  • We are respectful of ourselves, others and property
  • We are honest


Following our Golden Five ensures that all of our community feels safe, valued and ready to learn. Rewarding children for demonstrating excellent behaviour comes in many forms and this list is not exhaustive.


  • Give praise both verbally and through marking in books
  • Give stickers, both at a class level and from senior leaders
  • Awarding of Dojo points 
  • Value children who produce outstanding work. They will show the Head or Deputy Head Teachers and have their work entered into the Hall of Fame Book.
  • Award certificates as part of our weekly Celebration Worship to the All Saints Superstars

Dojo points are awarded for:

  • Showing the collective worship value
  • Helping others
  • Being either a responsible citizen.
  • Showing perseverance
  • Having a piece of work in the Hall of Fame book 
  • Producing an exceptional piece of work 
  • Show significant improvement in a learning area
  • Showing confidence 
  • Being the Top Rocker
  • Completing homework
  • Showing independence eg. getting equipment ready for learning , being ready at the end of the day
  • Being polite and respectful around school eg picking up coats, showing lovely manners 
  • Listening well and showing concentration and focus in learning sessions. 
  • Feedback Friday may well be used as a focus area of keep , develop , let go areas which are centred around behaviours. 

The children continue to build the number of dojo points for 6 weeks and then these are converted into house points and transferred onto the house point cards by the HT with the Head boy and Girl. The child within each class who has the highest number of dojo points will be recognised with a certificate. 

House Point Total



Extra break 

100 Bronze

Free homework Pass



250 Silver

£5 gift voucher


Play in the Park

550 Gold

Restaurant Trip



800 Platinum

£10 gift voucher



1000 Crown

Cinema Trip

All Saints Superstars

Across the school year we hold Celebration worship and in these sessions each class teacher selects an individual who has excelled. They are awarded the title of “All Saints Superstar” and their family are invited to join us for the worship. Their photographs are displayed in the entrance area, on H2H and they can select a friend to sit with them on a special table at lunchtime.

All Saints Sport Superstar

Participation in Sport is a priority and highly valued at All Saints . Our sports squad form Years 5 and 6 who support in PE lessons select an individual who has been exceptional. At Celebration worship the lucky winners is awarded sports superstar and their family is also invited to share this with them. 

Values Award 

We have a particular value which we focus on in Collective Worship each half term. These values permeate the rest of school life and are not just covered in isolation within Collective Worship. The collective worship lead alongside the Headteacher look at all of the children who have shown the value across the half term and one person receives the trophy in recognition of this. The trophy was donated by Father Tony our previous incumbent and he donated this to us on his retirement.

Religious Education Trophy 

Each term every Class teacher nominates one child from their class for the RE award. Again, someone who has made an outstanding contribution in lessons or through positive actions in other areas of life. 

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Bishops Award

This is given yearly to the individual who has shown an exceptional attitude towards their studies in RE.

The Arts Award

Yearly the whole school comes together to perform a whole school musical production where 8 individuals are awarded medals in recognition of their achievements. We have a very active choir who perform at All Saints church. Wellingborough Library, The Castle theatre and the Derngate theatre to name a few. We have a dance group called “Unity Dance” who perform at the Derngate at the Northamptonshire Arts Festival. The Arts are very important to All Saints and we recognise one special individual who has had a significant impact in this area. 

Sports Cup 

Medals are awarded to those children who perform well at our annual sports day and the cup to the house team who gains the most points from across all of the events. 

House Cup 

Annually this is awarded to the House team who has earned the greatest number of House points across the year. 

Celebration Worship 

We recognise not only the All Saints Superstars and Sport Star but also those classes who are:

  • Highest attendance for that week
  • Most readers 
  • The Top rockers
  • Top spellers 

We award Mufti tickets for reading three times a week for a whole half term.