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 Designated Safeguarding Leads

The role of the Designated Safeguarding Person was specified in the Children Act 2004 and ensured that every organisation had a "named person" for safeguarding children and young people. Prior to that, the role had frequently been known as the Child Protection Officer. The Designated Safeguarding Person has a responsibility at both a strategic level within the organisation and on a day to day basis.

Key Aspects of the Designated Person role includes:

  • Making sure all staff are aware how to raise safeguarding concerns
  • Ensuring all staff understand the symptoms of child abuse and neglect
  • Referring any concerns to social care
  • Monitoring children who are the subject of child protection plans
  • Maintaining accurate and secure child protecton records

Keeping Children safe in Education (2015) sets out the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead in Annex B:

Role of The Designated Safeguarding Person

Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that the school or college designates an appropriate senior member of staff to take lead responsibility for child protection. This person should have the status and authority within the school to carry out the duties of the post including committing resources and where appropriate, supporting and directing other staff.

Our DSL at All Saints are:


Mrs Emma Johnson

Head Teacher



Mrs Alice Corr

Sendco & Year 5/6 Teacher



Mrs Teresa Richardson

Pastoral Mentor


If you have a concern about any member of our school community please speak to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads above.

We understand that people are sometimes unsure whether they should report something or not. Our advice would always be that if something makes you feel uncomfortable then speak to a DSL and record your observations on one of our forms. It is the role of the DSL to decide if any action is needed but we cannot make that decision if you do not tell us.







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