All Saints Church

Hello, my name is Paula and I am the vicar at All Saints Church in Wellingborough Rev Paula

All Saints Primary School is very much part of our All Saints Church family. Our ministry team visit the school regularly to lead Collective Worship and the children come to visit our church building either as a whole school or in smaller groups. We especially enjoy celebrating the children's achievements and hearing about how they as the 'saints of All Saints are learning and growing in all they do. Members of our congregation serve as school governors, and we work together with Mrs Johnson and her team to build and nurture the close links between church and school which have been and continue to be so much a part of our shared life. The children and staff also visit All Hallows Church, where I am also vicar, celebrating Christingle.

I feel very blessed to be part of school life, working with the children and staff as we, being guided by Jesus, seek to deepen a passion for learning, high aspirations and respect for all.

The Reverend Canon Paula York


All Saints Church and All Saints School are very closely linked. The building of the church started 150 years ago and the school, started by the parish, has been serving the community for 136 years.

We have a great relationship with Reverand Paula and we thoroughly enjoy inviting her in to our school! The Church is also used by us for out major festival celebrations; Harvest, christingle, Nativity and Easter are highlights of our school calendar. In addition to this, we occasionally attend normal family Sunday Services with our Choir and enjoy performing there.

We love our involvement in the All Saints Congregation and the children are warmly welcomed by all. For more information about All Saints Church and the services there, please see their website.