Family Learning Review

New Format for Reporting and Engaging with Parents

We need to ensure that we work in an environment of “Democratic Engagement”. In an environment where everyone is valued and where every child is everyone’s responsibility.

There must be a consistent approach one in which wherever you are

we value you,

you are important,

you are listened to

and there are no limits to your expectations.

Autumn Term (End of September) Welcome to the Year Meeting.

Purpose to share with parents the focus of the year and discuss the priorities.

The evening starts with a session led by the Head Teacher for 20 minutes sharing the key priorities for the year, expectations of being a member of the All Saints community and to share a new initiative. The second part is based in the Classroom and is teacher led. The focus is to provide an insight into life in whichever year group the child is in.


Family Learning Review Meetings

Main Points:

  • Held in December and March

  • For all children with the expectation that all children attend with their parent to a 10 minute appointment for R to year 4 and a 15 minute appointment for Years 5 and 6 .

  • Appointments run from 9.00 onwards for years 5/6 and from 1.00 onwards for R to Year 4.

  • The Headteacher attends Learning Review Meetings across the last two years for each child at the end of KS2. This provides continuity and in depth opportunities to support and identify ways forward.

  • Other members of staff who may play an important part in the child’s learning may also be invited to attend.

Format of Meetings

Reception Autumn and Spring = a short film of the child in action will be shared with the family at the meeting showing the child responding to a series of questions posed by the class teacher. This will provide an opportunity to jointly celebrate the child’s achievements. The child should be able to speak freely about their learning experiences, express their pride at overcoming challenges and explain their own steps towards mastering new skills and knowledge. These films once shared and discussed can then be emailed to the families to keep as a memory.

Year 1 Autumn = Film with the same rational as Reception

Year 1 – 4 = Autumn and Spring. Family Learning Review Meetings

These run from 1.00 onwards with parents and child . They take the format of celebrating each child’s strength’s while also highlighting areas where both the school and home can support the child. The child will be included in the conversation as these meetings. The teacher will ask questions to express their successes and challenges they may have faced, the child should share work they are proud of and next steps should be discussed.


Year 5 and 6 Family Learning Review Meetings.

Each child presents a set of slides illustrating their self-assessed views of their successes and challenges across the curriculum.

The presentation is prepared by the child during lessons the previous week and serves as a structure for the dialogue between the child, her teacher, her parents and the Head teacher. During the meeting the child presents different areas of the curriculum in turn and discussion ensues how best to support her in learning the next steps to achieve further progress. The child or teacher may refer to work within her books to illustrate a point of discussion, thereby providing the family with detailed insights into ways they may be able to support the child’s learning.

Reporting to Parents at the end of the year.

  • From Year 1 upwards children write their own reports and teachers respond electronically to their comments, using a whole school format.

  • The younger children work in partnership with the older children to write their views.

  • Every report is unique and personalised

  • Two week period of reflection built into the school year to ensure that time can be given for these to be written