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  • To promote all children as gifted and talented in certain areas
  • To raise self-esteem and aspirations
  • To enhance and enrich curriculum provision

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 completes in the summer term a short questionnaire in which they specify the areas of learning that they are either:


  • very talented in,
  • enjoy learning about,
  • wish to develop a new skill in

The range of activities or SMARTS that the children can chose from are:















Each SMART is delivered by a member of staff who either leads this area within the school or has a particular talent or passion in the area.

The children once a fortnight spend Friday afternoons together as a group

It is fantastic opportunity for younger children to learn from the older children. The older year groups have the opportunity to be role models and act in a supportive manner towards the younger children. It also provides an opportunity for children and staff who may not work together to establish relationships.

This whole school activity fosters and develops our family ethos within the school

Each SMART lasts a term therefore 6 afternoon sessions.

The adult leader records how the children have performed

It is very important that the children enjoy the Smart activities that they choose.

We expect the children to demonstrate a positive attitude to their learning and achieve well. We reward their work and effort by accrediting their achievements.

The areas that are recorded are:

  • Effort 1-5 points
  • Achievement 1-5 points
  • Extended Learning 1-5 points

These points are combined over the year and awards given


 Points = Bronze Accreditation

 90 Points = Silver Accreditation

 135 Points = Gold Accreditation

 160 -180  Points = Commendation


We haven't forgotten our Reception and Nursery children either!

After Christmas, once our youngest children have settled in, we organise EYFS SMARTS. The children across the two age ranges area are divided into 5 groups and spend 30 minutes each morning and again in the afternoon to accommodate all of our Nursery children.

The activities organised by the EYFS staff cover a range of skills and cater for all strengths and interests.




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