Home Learning Information

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the ever-changing circumstances we lived through over the last couple of years, we have become prepared for any Class closure, individual isolations or future lockdown situations. In the event of any of these scenarios, the school is now equipped and can implement provision for remote learning, so pupils never miss out on education. We will ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible to all. Our Home Learning Policy which can be found below, details how we will deliver remote education during the pandemic and going forwards.

Google Classroom

All Saints School operates using Google Classroom. All children in Year 4,5 and 6 regularly use the Google Classroom to access their work when in school so should be comfortable with accessing it themselves at home. All other children within the school have had the opportunity to access the Google classroom which will be the main platform for the online learning. Using the Google Classroom to provide the children with work when working at home proved to be very successful over the previous years and during the national lockdowns where children were working from home with work provided by the school. 

If you need some assistant on using Google Classroom please take a look at the video below: 


The Google classroom is accessible only through the child’s google account this has been provided by us. The format of the email address is the first name, second name @allsaintspri.org for example John Smiths email account will be . Children in Years 5 and 6 should know their passwords, children in other years should have had their passwords shared with them. If you need any help with accessing the Google Classroom, please contact your Class Teacher via Class Dojo or phone the office who would be happy to help.

Information surrounding the expectations of home learning can be found in the Home Learning Policy and The Appendices below. Please ensure you read this information carefully to assist you in completing the home learning.

Please remember we are here to help and support all of you so please contact us with any concerns or worries that you may have.

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